USA Coast to Coast, New Directions Unfurl.

From the Pizza Coast to the Burrito Coast, Our First Trip Across The USA In The New Bus.

YES, we’re stoked. That raw, ‘butterflies in your stomach’ kind of excitement you get when you’re about to embark on something completely new. Kind of like when we first set out 3 years ago as nomads, it feels like we’re once again jumping into the axis mundi… or Pandora’s box? We’re never sure which or if they’re really one in the same?

Road trips never get old, don’t you agree? Driving across the USA from coast to coast, there are literally dozens of routes to take… all ready to deliver an incredible journey of suckling pigs, neon lights, folk art paint jobs, and more.

So, the other night we got out our maps, markers, and commenced upon a billion Google searches on destinations in our path from one coast to the other. From boondocking spots to crazy old eateries and whatever offbeat places we could note in between. Oh and by the way, all this travel dreaming along with cocktails, made for a pretty awesome adventures all by itself!


The USA Coast to Coast

Through The Great Smoky Mountains, right across the center of the U.S, and over the Rockies, we’ll be exploring many stretches of highway uncharted in our travels. We’re swooning over all the ‘heartland’ grub on our route, the majestic scenery and roadside finds… couches on the front lawn, rummage sales, and fried chicken… sign us up!

Not to mention that this will be our first big trip in the bus. And we can already tell that things are going to be different. Our ‘new’ Cheddar Yeti 2, a 1978 Wanderlodge BlueBird bus, is packed with game changing facilities, providing more opportunities to get lost along the way.

A single tank of fuel gets us about 1200 miles. This means less worrying about where or when we’ll need fuel up. Then, the off-grid power options on this ‘bird can light up a small village, which allows us to boondock for longer periods of time, even in hot as hell weather. And, as you can imagine, we have more storage for food, supplies, and likely some unnecessary stuff, too.

But, the real game changer, is having a tow car. Our previous planning efforts centered around if we could walk, take public transit, or ride our bikes to the places we wanted to visit while in town. This limited our sightseeing, exploring, and chores (laundry and grocery shopping), to around a few mile radius.

Already, we’re seeing our adventures open up. Jeanette is officially a New York City driver; happily inducted into the horn happy, finger waving, school of cut throat driving tactics. And next, instead of white knuckling The Blue Ridge Parkway in the bus, we’re planning on cruising the through the scenic mountain range on a day trip in the Honda.  Camera, check. Picnic, check. Too bad the Honda isn’t topless!

We'll be snappin' pics, like this! "Stone Mountain Overlook - Blue Ridge Parkway" by @dgoebelt
We’ll be snappin’ pics, like this! “Stone Mountain Overlook – Blue Ridge Parkway” by @dgoebelt

We’re shoving off from Clarksboro, NJ around mid March and planning on reaching the sunny shores of California in June. Just in time to catch Lake Shasta full and warm on the toes.

We usually don’t go drive than 55 mph and about 200 miles in any given day. At that speed, we’ll have time to ‘bird watch or hang out the window to photograph the scenery. Drivin’ slow ain’t just for old folks anymore. So, don’t miss our up to the moment instagram shots and facebook posts!


Here’s our rough itinerary:

March to April

  • Clarksboro, NJ
  • Baltimore, MD
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Asheville, NC
  • Great Smoky Mountains NP
  • Nashville, TN

April to May

  • Bowling Green, KY
  • Louisville, KY
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Lawrence, KS
  • Colorado Springs, Co

May to June

  • Somewhere between the Rockies and the Pacific Coast Highway…

Lets keep in touch!
So, along the way we’ll keep y’all updated with our Road Trip whereabouts via Facebook, Twitter and our  Newsletter.

We’d love it if you’d drop us a line if we’re nearby, leave a roadside suggestion below or just say Hi! To our East coast family and friends, we’ll miss you guys big time!

And away we go!

Us enjoying a touristy moment in NYC.
Us enjoying a touristy moment in NYC.


12 responses to “USA Coast to Coast, New Directions Unfurl.”

  1. Rosemary Avatar

    It’s been a few months so we hope you made it to the NW. If you come through northern Utah we’d love to take a look at your bird and feed you a meal and some drinks. I’m trying to convince the husband that we need to and CAN go full time. How are you liking life in her, by the way? Any regrets? Travel safely!

  2. LiveWorkDream Avatar

    Hey guys, dont’ forget to stop in Fort Collins on your way to Co Springs. You’ll love it there! Jim and I will be in FC until Memorial Day, hope to meet up and see your cool new digs. Enjoy!

    1. Jeanette Avatar

      Will do… we’ll hope to be through there before you leave at the end of May.

  3. Greg swanson Avatar
    Greg swanson

    I posted a reply earlier today but I do not see it. Did you get it??
    Any way I suggested they make a series on tv with the cheddar Yedi travels and when you get back in Calif, on your way back back north, stop for a day or two and well take the 56 wagon up to Yosemite for a day trip!!

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yes! We’d love that, Greg. A spin in a cool ride to one of our favorite places, with one of our favorite peeps! Oh and, funny thing is that we’ve been approached about a TV show a few times now.

  4. Wheelingit Avatar

    Awesome! Looks like a fabulous itinerary.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Hopefully we’ll get to cross your guys path this coming year… if you’re not headed East that is.

  5. cozygirl Avatar

    Stuck here in the middle of central IL I got to read of your exciting news!!! Going to be a fun run to join you on…our full-time gig starts by summer’s end!! If you want any STL ideas…spent many an hour there…let me know what your looking for :O)

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yes!! We’re excited for you… STL is Saint Louis, right? We’d love some ideas!

  6. Greg swanson Avatar

    Hi guys! Love seeing your itinerary, I’m soooo jealous that you are having soooo much fun so I’ve been thinking of calling a few Hollywood producers to have them do a show based around the Cheddar Yedi experience! Think about it, a weekly series if your travels across America!! By the way, figure out your schedule so that you can stop in Atwater for a day or two and we will fire up the 56 wagon and go to Yosemite for a day trip!! It will be perfect weather in June of July!! Have fun!!

  7. Ray Avatar

    Good Luck on your new adventure, sounds awesome. We recently did a year trip around US and Canada and loved it, I’ll be interested in where you stop and what you see in the middle of the US, cuz we missed most of it and stuck to the coastal areas.
    Our trip map
    Cheers Ray

    1. JJ Avatar

      Nice map, Ray. We’ll keep you all posted with our finds, the unexpected stuff! Cheers.

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