Chapter CY2: Our First Cross Country Vintage Bus Road Trip

Damn skippy we made it.

From our wild ride on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in New York, down the mountainous Blue Ridge Parkway, across tornado alley, and over the Hoover dam– we soaked up, survived and surrendered over 4,000 miles together on this cross country road trip.

Lubricating this road trip was our deluxe accommodations; our new vintage 1978 Bluebird Wanderlodge bus with our Honda Civic in tow. Making the journey spectacular was our visitors and visits along the way. We arranged sleep overs, and play dates, hitchhikers, new acquaintances, and reunions. Now, we hang out a bit longer, pack our cupboard with unnecessary amounts of spoils for sharing, and even take mini road trips (on top of our main road trip), in the car to expand our local reach – it’s freakin’ awesome.

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USA Coast to Coast, New Directions Unfurl.

From the Pizza Coast to the Burrito Coast, Our First Trip Across The USA In The New Bus.

YES, we’re stoked. That raw, ‘butterflies in your stomach’ kind of excitement you get when you’re about to embark on something completely new. Kind of like when we first set out 3 years ago as nomads, it feels like we’re once again jumping into the axis mundi… or Pandora’s box? We’re never sure which or if they’re really one in the same?

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Capturing Kitsch: Neon Signs Across America

Like photographing a Roadrunner in the wild; one must think quick and have a long lens.

The window of opportunity closes fast when we spot a sign on the side of the road. So the real challenge becomes photographing them as we drive by. If Dennis can’t turn the motorhome around, I make do. And while most of my sign photos are shot from the Yeti window, some I’ve darted out into traffic to get, and others we’ve taken on uncharted sign shooting excursions. National Geographic, watch out!

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Southern Road Trip: Grits, Gravy & Graceland

With the goal of eating our way through the South, we packed the car in San Diego and hit the road. Our mission was easy, eat BBQ and visit Graceland. Or as they say down there, “Put a little South in your mouth.” And we did.

Originally, we had wanted to travel to Europe but our budget wouldn’t let us. Although, what we didn’t realize was that our whim decision to take a road trip across the USA would change our lives forever.

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Urban Camping: Boise, Idaho

Ever been to Boise, Idaho? Hell, ever been to Idaho?

If you have, we don’t need to remind you of the towering Sawtooth Mountains or the hardened ooze in the Craters of the Moon valley.

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