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If you like a little cheesy rolled up with your steezy and a bit of adventure mixed with mishap, then welcome aboard the Cheddar Yeti travel experience.

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Wether we’re urban camping or boondocking, eating street food or snappin’ photos, we’re stoked to have you along for the ride.

Working On The Road

Who dreams of endless hours in a cubicle? Why work for another man’s dream? How many people will actually get to retire? What will we regret?

No question. We sold our house, quit our nine to five jobs and went into business for ourselves. Got rid of all the useless crap weighing us down, bought an old motorhome and hit the open road.

Will you trade this HTML for two hot dogs and a tank of gas?

We enjoy our web development and graphic design careers, and it’s a good thing because gas and hot dogs aren’t free.  Our mobile-home office: The Motorhome Office of Design And Technology, provides the space and the internet keeps us connected. We’ve made it our goal to eventually have a client in every state we visit. City by city, town by town, working for America’s independent thinkers.

Also, be sure to check out our Art + Travel site, Motornomadics.com

Our Nomadic Life On Wheels

Our small nomadic home is an urban condo, a tree fort, a beach cottage, a desert hideaway, and a cabin in the woods… all at once.

Outfitted with just the simple necessities of living and two peacock lamps, our 280 square foot abode allows us the freedom of affordable, full time, travel.

Cheddar Yeti One. The Lazy Daze.

Cheddar Yeti One. The Lazy Daze in Marfa, TX

Where We Started

In December 2009 we purchased a 1988 Lazy Daze Motorhome in San Diego, California. In short, we had ourselves a 22-year-old, 14,000 lb, fuel hog, poo storage, house on wheels that we had no idea how to operate.

Roll your sleeves up, ’cause anything that can go wrong will, indeed. Somewhere far from a repair shop, in the Yosemite Valley or on an interstate in the middle of Pennsylvania. Our gray water tank fell out while driving one day and we melted our brakes on a 6% grade the next.

But that didn’t stop us. We continued to tour the country, coast to coast, putting over 30,000 miles on the Lazy Daze in less than three years. “Keep on Cheddin.” Pomps says, and we have…

Cheddar Yeti II. The Wanderlodge.

The New Cheddar Yeti Wanderlodge Bluebird Bus

Our Current Vessel

In October 2012, after a summer of unending repairs on the Lazy Daze, we found a finely aged vessel that tempted us to change our ways. It was a trusty diesel-powered, 1978 Wanderlodge Bluebird Bus we spotted on ebay in New York. And although we swore we’d only go smaller, our next nomadic home became this 35′ vintage “bird” of swanky paradise. She quickly took her place as the second Cheddar Yeti vessel.

So, Why Do We Call Ourselves, Cheddar Yeti?

It is more than the name of our motorhome, it’s our term for doing whatever the hell we want to.

F––k the man. F––k somebody else’s dream. Pack your bags, life doesn’t suck.


19 responses to “About”

  1. Ron Avatar

    New here, love what I’ve seen so far. Help. Have my eyes on a BB 1984 35′ FC 3208 with Allison MT 643. From your experience, anything in particular that I should watch out for? Any other areas in the Wanderlodge, which are prone to fail? Thanks Ron

    1. JJ Avatar

      Hi Ron!
      The 80’s BB’s are awesome, we were just at a BB Rally and wow, what great looking coaches! It seems to us that the biggest concerns with them is in the electrical system… not that’s poorly done, just that there’s so much of it that it can be difficult to troubleshoot.

      They’re know for their mass amount of bells and whistles. We have a doorbell, intercom system, central vac, in counter blender, ice maker, built in clocks, speakers throughout, a car alarm, warning systems… well, you get the picture!

      My advise is to make sure you get that “Blue Box” that contains the blueprints and pick the previous owners brain on every gadget!

  2. Jerry & Kimberly Peterson Avatar

    LOVE your attitudes…we have been traveling for the past 9 years searching for our true selves where the F bomb travels with us if it fits. Getting rid of all that physical and emotional stuff has been challenging but we are loving every mile we travel in search of our souls that had been lost in the real world many years ago.

    We are who we are…take us or leave us…we do not give a crap!

    You began following our Twitter account today and that is how we began following you and will continue to follow your journey!

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yo Jerry & Kim!
      We are kindled spirits and are so glad to be twitter/travel friends. Crazy thing, we’re linked in less then seven degrees. That pumpkin patch you worked for, well… we have too! Actually the owners bought out my fathers piece of the southern california patches and tree lots. I still do their website. Crazy uh? They’re pretty cool folks, glad you had a good experience. It’s your outlook that makes all the hard work fun!!

      Cheers to both of you, we’ll toss caution and baggage to the wind together sometime in the future I’m sure. ‘Till then.. happy travels and see you on twitter.

  3. Todd Avatar

    Hello! So glad I found your blog. We are about to jump into the same lifestyle as you two and in a 1986 PT40 Bluebird Wanderlodge no less! I’m 40 and he’s 43 and we are ready to do things a little differently. I look forward to following your posts and life on the road. Maybe our paths will cross at some point. Cheers!

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yes, we hope to cross paths with you guys… I guess we both should be easy to spot in our Bluebirds;) Best of luck will all your bird adventures and life on the road. We’re so glad to be of help and hope to continue to chat about our finds together… and if you create a blog, do send it our way.Cheers.

  4. B. Pomps Avatar
    B. Pomps

    hey Cockfuk , i mean Cockfacerum,
    Fuck You !

  5. Bob Cockrum Avatar
    Bob Cockrum

    Sorry, but when you start throwing the F bomb around, I’m out of here.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Hi Bob,
      This is exactly why we chose to use a few very passionate ‘F bombs’ on our About Us page! Anyone who is easily offended by free thinking and self expression… probably won’t care for the rest of our blog either. We are living our own definition of freedom.

      Others who attempt to dictate what is right/true or correct for someone else is our definition of “the man.” Swearing when passionate about this topic IS very appropriate to us.

      Thanks for stopping by and defining yourself – EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion.
      Happy trails,

      1. Debby Avatar

        The reality is our blogs will not appeal to everyone. I met you through your blog first and fell in love, then I met you, and….well, the rest is history, as they say! Bottom line – you should not censor yourself to make others feel comfortable and they are free to search out other blogs that do.

        1. JJ Avatar

          And we LOVE you two, too! Censorship is horrible, right! Even when I don’t agree with something I find it helpful to hear/see/witness it.

      2. hitekhomeless(jenn) Avatar

        What the fuck is wrong with you, Jeanette? I am seriously offended. So much so that we are going to burn you out next time you camp near us. Shesh… the nerve of you not taking everyone elses beliefs and opinions into consideration before posting on your own public forum. For shame for shame.

        1. JJ Avatar

          Ok, fine! 😉

    2. KJN Avatar

      I thought the last part was great! Its how I feel too..And the fact that it wasn’t spelled out in true form is an even more professional way of getting your point across.

      1. JJ Avatar

        Thank you! We thought that the phrase fit our point/our life/our quest, perfectly. I chose NOT to spell it out because my mother reads my blog and I know she doesn’t like that kinda of language… out of respect for her we *bleeped* it.

    3. Bryan Avatar

      Hey Bob,,,Fuck You,, opinions are like your asshole everybody has one Fuckstisk, and last I checked this was not your blog, nor are you forced to read it you dumbass Mother Fucker, If the word Fuck offends you what are you going to do when you grow up and live in the real world as a man, not a little bitch boy? good luck

      1. JJ Avatar

        Free speech = free country = free minds. It’s ALL GOOD! And YES, you’re right Bryan, there are bigger concerns in life then a mere word.

  6. Mike Dixon Avatar
    Mike Dixon

    Fantastic! My wife, baby, and I are in the middle of getting set up for this same adventure next year (after plenty of prep and modifications)… we bought our 29′ class C yesterday, and boy, did we get some crazy looks from coworkers/family/neighbors. It’s awesome to see others who have decided to do what they want, not what they are “supposed” to do! Best of luck!

    1. JJ Avatar

      Congratulations on making the move and NOT doing what you’re supposed to. AWESOME! And, wow, with a baby… you’re not alone in the traveling family community either. There are several families out there traveling full-time, what an inspiration and what pioneers! I’d love to see your modifications, we’ve been big wimps on making mod’s but, have been trying to turn that around.

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