Pizza! The Real Local Food Of Rhode Island

Sure, the tourist guides will tell you that Stuffies, Lobster Rolls or a burger from Haven Bro’s are the quintessential foods to eat while in Rhode Island. These unique foodie finds are fun to eat for sure! Just know they’re a tourist thing. Don’t believe the hype. Let us tell you that the real local food of Rhode Island is none other than Pizza.

Maria, from The Roaming Pint, sampling the Haven Brother’s Food Truck in Providence. Tip: It’s best late and while intoxicated.
Paul, a 2nd generation R.I. local, eating at Flo’s Clam Shack for the first time.. evah!

However, after hanging out with true Rhode Islanders, you’ll quickly realize a slice of Pizza is the Real Favorite food of the locals. Err, should I say, Petezer?

Kate & Dennis Eating at Ernesto’s Pizza, Boston
Frank Pepe Pizzeria at Mohegan Sun Casino

Now, don’t get us wrong. Dennis, a born and bred Rhode Islander, still loves his Del’s Lemonade, a bloody Walt’s Roast Beef sandwich, and his coffee milk. For me, I’m sorta smitten on the N.Y. System Wieners and Rhode Island’s clear broth chowder. Oddly enough, we’ve actually ran into plenty of locals that don’t eat seafood, never tried a system wiener and vaguely remember Walt’s from when they were a kid. Uhm?

Dennis getting his fill of Walt’s Roast Beef. A legendary sandwich “worth the heart attack.”
Showing friends Debby and Bill this Rhody “must try,” A real Dell’s Lemonade!
You won’t forget your experience for days after consuming a N.Y. System Wiener. Who’s in for a late night “gaggah” and a side of coffee milk?

Still, Pizza reigns supreme

Hardly a week would pass while we were in little Rhody, that pizza wasn’t consumed. Grilled, baked, delivered, take out or by the slice– whatever the occasion, pizza was the answer. It’s a bit like being in NYC, but true to Rhody form, not many people have stopped here long enough to notice. We did get the chance and this little state is a true pie contender.

Filippou’s Pizza
Famous pizza on Federal Hill from Casserta’s

From Providence’s Federal Hill to Boston’s North End, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bad slice. The “favorite” spots seem to really just be the whatever they grew up with. It’s pizza, how can you screw it up? You’ll find every variation from clam topped to the traditional sausage or pepperoni.

Now, if you want a uniquely local, Rhode Island style pizza, look for pizza strips. A cheese-less, often cold, square, tomato pie.

Pizza Strips from the local grocery store, Dave’s Market
Pastryland in Smithfield serves up some great Tomato Pies!

We drove then ate. Ate then drove. Here are the Pizza joints we hit while in Rhode Island. Yes, Boston counts! Of course, some listed we visited quite often. Most of the time we dined with family and friends, and almost always we found ourselves accompanied by sister, petezer lovah, Kate. Nobody turns down pizza!

Take out from Mama Leone’s.

We Planned Our Trips to These Spots:

  • Pastryland Bakery 19 Sanderson Rd Smithfield, RI
    Best Tomato Pies, to go or eat in. Enjoy the bakery and bar!
  • La Strada Cafe & Pizzeria 920 Matunuck Beach Road Wakefield, RI
    Local ingredients, local beer, great atmosphere, on the beach. A win-win!
  • Filippou’s Pizza Ten Rod Road, North Kingston, RI
    Classic, family ran, greasy-crispy crust.
  • Caserta’s Pizzeria Federal Hill Providence, RI
    Classic pizza. Keep it simple. Walk the hill after. Nice!
  • Filippou’s Twisted Pizza 450 Main St. East Greenwich, RI
    A mix of greek and italian zest makes this a good stop while in East Greenwich.
  • Frank Pepe Pizzeria Mohegan Sun, CT
    Damn good. Thin and well done.
  • Regina Pizzeria 11 1/2 Thacher Street Boston, MA
    If you’re grabbing a slice, hit the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and avoid the line at the North End.
  • Ernesto’s Pizza 69 Salem Street Boston, MA
    A hole in the wall sorta place with good pie.

Near By Spots And Family Favorites:

Regina Pizza At Copley Square, Boston
Filippou’sTwisted Pizza in East Greenwich, RI

Strange But True

Cheddar Cheese is a regular pizza topping choice around these parts. We must agree, it is a smart addition. Cheddar makes everything better… even Pizza.


What’s the best LOCAL topping where you’re at?


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