The Clarity Of Guinness & Wintering In The Northeast

We left Rhode Island late in November, bound for sunny Florida. Our plan included about five quick stops, between the impending cold of the Northeast and warm air of Florida. Our first destination, New York City. The drive into NYC was gnarly, yet once we landed, the insanity, the spirit, and possibly our love for pizza, bamboozled our almost a year in the making, winter plans.

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Pizza! The Real Local Food Of Rhode Island

Sure, the tourist guides will tell you that Stuffies, Lobster Rolls or a burger from Haven Bro’s are the quintessential foods to eat while in Rhode Island. These unique foodie finds are fun to eat for sure! Just know they’re a tourist thing. Don’t believe the hype. Let us tell you that the real local food of Rhode Island is none other than Pizza.

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The Cheddar Yeti’s North American Travel Bucket List

  • Experience a Vortex in Sedona Arizona, Red Rock State Park, AZ
  • Eat Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, Vermont
  • Bike Block Island, Rhode Island
  • See Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Bike a part of the 21 mile abandon Railroad path, Veronica State Trail, Oregon
  • Walk Angel Island, San Francisco, CA
  • Photograph the New Mexico Cliff Dwellings, Mesa Verde National Monument
  • Walk the Grand Canyon 4000 foot Skywalk, Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Milk a Cow at a Farm in New England
  • Watch a Space Shuttle Satellite Launch, Cape Canaveral, FL
  • See the City of Savannah, Georgia
  • See the Garden of the Gods, Colorado
  • Take a Basecamp Adventure on Maine Huts & Trails, Maine
  • Boondock Camp in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
  • See the Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee
  • Urban Camp in Quebec City, Canada, Miami, FL, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Drive the Motorhome through the Florida Keys
  • Drive the Motorhome through the 654 mile, World’s Longest Yard Sale, West Unity, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama
  • Drive Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC

Okay, Let’s Create Some Urgency with An Incentive
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What do you know about Rhode Island’s Wieners?

I’m fascinated with Hot Dogs

They’re a guilty pleasure. Yes, but I love them because each little meaty, mustard, maniac-in-a-bun has it’s very own tale, deep rooted our American history.

Much like many of our grandparents, they immigrated to this country and had to reinvent themselves. The Frankfurter shortened it’s name to Frank, met the infamous bun and triumphed in the new world. Each is as unique as the cities you find them in, and their toppings are as diverse as the people who create them.

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