Pizza! The Real Local Food Of Rhode Island

Sure, the tourist guides will tell you that Stuffies, Lobster Rolls or a burger from Haven Bro’s are the quintessential foods to eat while in Rhode Island. These unique foodie finds are fun to eat for sure! Just know they’re a tourist thing. Don’t believe the hype. Let us tell you that the real local food of Rhode Island is none other than Pizza.

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San Diego Eateries Worth Missing

The only way to know if your favorite eatery is really THAT good; is to leave it.

In your own hometown, eating out is simple. You have your old stand-by’s. You know where to get good take out, impress a visitor, or indulge in your guilty, cheesy, drunkin’ pleasures.

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Eating Out in L.A.

When you’re camping on the streets of Los Angeles, pulling out the charcoal grill isn’t in the cards. So, besides seeing the sights; Hollywood, Venice Beach, Griffith Park and the likes... fascinating food and drink are the top of my itinerary.

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