More Than A Butter Lady & A Book; Savannah, Georgia

Somewhere between the sweet-smelling flowers in the city squares and the piss fragrant alleyways, you’ll lose yourself in Savannah’s tell-tale spirit. The marionette show of Spanish moss will capture your imagination as it dances an eerie ballet in the light breeze that dusts your cheeks.

You’ll overhear her war history and haunted tales from passing carriage tours mixed with student chatter along the sidewalks. You will witness her giant Live Oak trees on their slow take over of the avenues. She’ll take you, and you won’t soon forget her.

Savannah’s most infamous character is revealed in the book, Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil,  a worthwhile read or watch before hitting the city.  This story along with the “butter lady” are indeed hot attractions, this side of the civil war anyway. However, there is more.

Grab a beverage in a to-go cup from any bar or from Parker’s Gas Station and take the most indirect route possible to whatever destination you might have. Hit the city parks as you stroll, read the historical plaques that note all the city’s juicy details. From native culture, American battles and unmarked graves, to modern crimes and ghost stories. The stories go down as smooth as your road soda.

On one evening we watched The Goonies on a big screen in Forsyth Park while enjoying a glass of wine.  On another we enjoyed the Casbah and candy bar martinis near the riverfront with friends. On another we biked aimlessly from one end of the city to the other and ended up back at the Distillery for a late night snack.

South of Forsyth park is an area called Starland District with a cool vibe. A curious record shop, a hip bakery, thrifts, lo-fi art galleries, chill coffee shops, and vegetarian eateries are found there.

While in downtown, check out the Eastern side of Broughton Street for a bit of people watching and fun. We enjoyed the Kayak Kafe, B&D Burgers, ColorBox Salon (Jeanette got purple hair!), a Goodwill, and Planet Fun Toys.

We split our camping between the Red Gate RV park and the parking lot at the Visitor Center in downtown Savannah. The Visitor Center has been the best urban camp we’ve stayed at yet, a renewable $12/48hour pass placed us right in the city and on a free bus route.

Our findings around this charming southern city are marked in our Google Map, “Savannah, GA  by Cheddar Yeti Travels.” We hope you’ll find these points of interest are a good start to your trip. Some were recommended to us by friends and are places we found worth passing along.

Click on each of the markers to read our notes,  get the address, or add the spot to YOUR Google Map.

So, yes we couldn’t resist the Paula Dean store where we bought the kitsch souvenir of the century, a butter flavored tube of chap stick!

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Hey, another Yeti!

Needless to say, we felt right at home here!


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  1. Kristy Cropper Avatar
    Kristy Cropper

    Looks really awesome there!! I need to go!

  2. Debby Avatar

    Cannot wait to get there – thanks for all the tips, and can’t wait to see your purple hair!!

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