Driving The Brooklyn Queens Expressway & RV Parking NYC

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Urban Camping & Parking NYC

Driving NYC in an RV

Braving The Brooklyn Queens Expressway In Our Bus

We didn’t have much choice actually. Leaving Long Island and heading south bound in a 35’ long bus meant we would have to take the Brooklyn Queen Expressway through New York City.

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Parked in Charleston, South Carolina

We all know that “The South” has a rep; they’re downright nice folks. What you may not know is that their cities also flaunt excellent hospitality for motor travelers!

For instance, in Charleston, South Carolina we found that you can overnight in your RV in a garage in the city for ten bucks. This, plus an amazing close-by county park, make visiting Charleston in your motorhome, trailer, RV, or camper van, handier than a pocket on a shirt.

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More Than A Butter Lady & A Book; Savannah, Georgia

Somewhere between the sweet-smelling flowers in the city squares and the piss fragrant alleyways, you’ll lose yourself in Savannah’s tell-tale spirit. The marionette show of Spanish moss will capture your imagination as it dances an eerie ballet in the light breeze that dusts your cheeks.

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Urban Camping: Boise, Idaho

Ever been to Boise, Idaho? Hell, ever been to Idaho?

If you have, we don’t need to remind you of the towering Sawtooth Mountains or the hardened ooze in the Craters of the Moon valley.

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Urban Camping: San Francisco “Guerrilla-style”

If you’re after some cheap San Francisco thrills – consider Guerrilla Camping. It’s risky, sure. It’s dirty indeed, but it’s free. That’s what makes sleeping in our van, our San Francisco lodging of choice.

This method of stay is also called Wildcamping or Urban Camping. They all refer to sleeping in your car or conversion camper, on the streets, incognito.

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