Urban Camping: New York City

There are many forms of Urban Camping, from sleeping curbside to stuffing six of your closest friends in a single hotel room.  However, we’re talking about checking out the city while motoring around in a house on wheels.  We’re driving a 27′ long Class C Motorhome and we do NOT have tow car, just two bikes. Our limitations take us to great places and often have us biking at night or getting lost on a subway system.

New York City is no exception in great places to visit while seeing the country in a Motorhome. So here’s a run down of how we did it.

Where to Stay

Campground: Croton Point Park

Address: Croton Point Avenue, Croton-on-Hudon, NY

Park hours: Open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to dusk. Year-round.

Phone: (914) 862-5290

Space type/surroundings: Nice wide spaces with level ground. It was extra awesome because all the leaves were turning colors and falling from the trees.
Facilities: Water/Electric/Sewer

Cost:$45.00 per night



Roads to and from Croton. !! Low clearance warning!! We traveled on Route 9a and I-287. There were a few low clearances on the way to this park. We took a road that said ‘No commercial vehicles’ and we were ok. Taking the same road back, we got pulled over. The police man just told us to exit towards Washington Bridge exit, which was the one we were looking for anyway. We are just about 10 feet tall and didn’t see anything under 12 feet.


Cost: $8.25 each way /per person
Line:  Hudson River Line
Station: Croton-on-the-Hudson
Last Train: We got back from the city at 12:30 am and there were still a couple trains left!

There’s an App for that!

Allstays Camp & RV. This puppy helped us out a bunch with the clearances among other things.

We Saw and Ate

Saw this: Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge provides a great view of the city and it’s free. We also enjoyed Central Park. It’s an amazing urban oasis in the middle of the city. We walked our feet off and didn’t even see half of it!
And we Ate: The city is packed with food trucks and street vendors, it was tempting to try everything. We sampled Wafels & Dinges from a cart. For dinner we met up with Jeremy, a old friend and seasoned New Yorker, for burgers at the Shake Shack. They were tasty, especially the breaded, cheese stuffed, shroom burger!

Finally, nothing tops off the night like a can of Champagne from the Trailer Park Lounge.



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  1. Anthony Avatar

    We have that in Milwaukee.
    Its more of just an rv park but iguess its the same thing.

  2. […] On The Hudson Park, NY We stayed here on our previous trip to NYC. Very nice spot with easy transportation options. Croton Point Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson, NY MTA […]

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