How to Get Down and Chili with a Dutch Oven

This is easy but you’ll need mucho patience to prepare and wait for it while the flavor-flav develops over your camp fire. I don’t use measurement here because it’s just chili, folks, get crazy!

1. Start the day before (see what I mean!) by soaking your beans. Just put them in the pot with some water and go for a hike. Buy the next day, mid afternoon sometime, begin the fire and get those coals hot and bothered. Then start to boil your beans. In a cast iron pot, this takes twice as long as the package says. It’s also quite possible that I’m doing something wrong. I’m new to the non-canned bean thing and I wasn’t raised on a farm.

2. Now that you’ve done the hardest part of the prep, get out your veggies. I mean whatever is in your veggie drawer. Onions, bell peppers, a chili or two, garlic, corn… the “stuff “chili is made of when you’re not relying on flesh for flavor. These are the essentials though, and don’t even think about skipping the chili pepper or onion!

3. Empty those beans through a strainer and set them aside while you saute your veggies in your cast iron dutch oven (ok, get your chuckles.) I know what a “dutch oven” also refers to and you can count on a few of those later to keep your sleeping bag warm.

4. Now, back to business. Those hot veggies will be sizzling and smelling about as fine as frog hair. Add some cumin, salt, pepper and chili powder, to taste.  Some added olive oil and one bottle of beer will benefit you too.

5. Finally, add the tomatoes and beans. Canned or fresh are fine, a nice mix of both is perfect. About two cans of each or equal  fresh. Then sit back with a drink, watch the fire and cook chili cook. 1-2 hours, taste it every quarter hour, you’ll know when it’s ready.

OH YEAH! this is a good’en. The next day it’ll taste sinful over an all beef, hebrew national frank and a smooshy white dog bun.





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  1. […] Build a nice fire early in the evening and cook a big pot of bean chili. You’ll have warm hands by sundown, a warm belly for campfire stories and later, you’ll enjoy a cozy-warm bed. All the fruits of your labor. See my Bean Chili Recipe. […]

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