What do you know about Rhode Island’s Wieners?

I’m fascinated with Hot Dogs

They’re a guilty pleasure. Yes, but I love them because each little meaty, mustard, maniac-in-a-bun has it’s very own tale, deep rooted our American history.

Much like many of our grandparents, they immigrated to this country and had to reinvent themselves. The Frankfurter shortened it’s name to Frank, met the infamous bun and triumphed in the new world. Each is as unique as the cities you find them in, and their toppings are as diverse as the people who create them.

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How to Get Down and Chili with a Dutch Oven

This is easy but you’ll need mucho patience to prepare and wait for it while the flavor-flav develops over your camp fire. I don’t use measurement here because it’s just chili, folks, get crazy!

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This ain’t Bisquick, Biotches.

So it all started when I picked up a book called “Leave No Crumbs” about cooking while backpacking and eating yummy meals that don’t take up space while away from a conventional kitchen.

To my surprise, Pancakes can be made from the basic ingredients in my cupboard. “Wow, not a box of bisquick?” I was astonished. Dennis was thrilled with the idea of making real pancakes too, so I dove in.

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Eating Out in L.A.

When you’re camping on the streets of Los Angeles, pulling out the charcoal grill isn’t in the cards. So, besides seeing the sights; Hollywood, Venice Beach, Griffith Park and the likes... fascinating food and drink are the top of my itinerary.

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