RV West Magazine Interview & What It Is That Drives Us

Not typical but, not that crazy either.

People of all ages find it a bit wild that a “young couple” – in our 30’s, are out full time RVing. However, we have found that this life is quite comfortable, rewarding and YES even at our age, totally possible! We know this because since we hit the road in 2010, we have met many others both online and in person doing exactly what we are. Enjoying life, however we each define it.

In February 2013, Kristen Mitchell of RV West Magazine wanted to know more about us, how we do it and a bit about what drives us. Frankly, we’re flattered. Thank you Kristen for the interview.

Enjoy our chat with Kristen; a fellow travel enthusiast, in her RV West Magazine article titled, “There’s no stopping this couple.”  READ IT HERE!

The Printed RV West Magazine article.
Whoohoo, our online write-up made it into the printed RV West Magazine, too. Congrats Kristen!





2 responses to “RV West Magazine Interview & What It Is That Drives Us”

  1. Geeky Nomads Avatar

    If we ever cross paths we should meet. We’re kind of like you guys except I’m a programmer, we decided on a foretravel over a wanderlodge (by a hair) and we have a 2 year old son.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yes! We should.

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