New RV Toilet Installation By Two Rookie Plumbers

An RV toilet upgrade is easier than you might think. Even for a rookie plumber in an old RV, the work time need to complete this job was about one hour. Our video will show you that no mater how inexperienced you think you are, putting in a new RV toilet is nothing to be afraid of.

The Potential Hang Ups

The second hardest part is getting over the “face to sewer” proximity of the job. Once you’ve mustered up the courage to look that wishing-well straight in the eye, you’ll be half way there.

The biggest hang up for us was the “what ifs.” And if your luck is anything like ours, those unexpected mishaps and unforeseeable issues, are assured and completely paralyzing. Finding RV-specific fittings in our older motorhome hans’t been easy. Any “upgrade” is almost surely going to have a custom-made solution.

True to Cheddar Yeti fashion, the water inlet on the new RV toilet was about 6 inches away from our original plumbing. The tight space would require a lot of pvc pipe ‘art‘ to bridge the gap. Leaving too many potentials for leaks, lots of cursing, and probably a few bucks in new tools, glue, fittings etc. So, at this point we stopped work and spent a few days pondering a better solution.

One Damn Good Solution

Our thinker pose paid off and we did discover a smooth solution. How about some plumbing parts that are totally customizable? What if you could choose the adaptors to fit your special size combinations, and make it easy to install, too? Well, it’s out there, and it’s called Shark Bite. We think it’s super RV plumbing friendly. Just tighten, cut to size, bend to the other end and snap right in.

Oh, snap!

Why The New Toilet?

Our decision to upgrade our RV toilet was for pure comfort on the loo. The old plastic one was to small and pretty flimsy.  As full timers, we wanted a more “home like” RV toilet with a standard size china bowl. The Dometic SeaLand Traveler “Fine China” Ceramic bowl RV toilet is a great fit and great price (best we found!). Get yourself a SeaLand Traveler– using our Amazon referral, and thank us later.

Some More Questions?

Q: What did you do with the old toilet? A: We just tossed it in a dumpster because nobody responded to our craigslist post.

Q: Now that song is stuck in my head. You suck. What’s the reason for using it? A: The song came out in 1987-88, the year Cheddar Yeti 1 was built.

Q: Why didn’t you toss a penny into the bowl on your maiden flush? A: No way, but if we could have computer generated a penny swirling around in the bowl, we would have.

Q: The box says Dometic, the Amazon link says SeaLand, what gives? A: Honestly, we ordered the SeaLand, got a Dometic box? It was weird because the unit didn’t totally match the photo either. Turns out that they’re the same company now, and it’s legit. The product number is no longer listed on their site, so this is an older model SeaLand shipping in a Dometic box. Either way, it comes in at a great price, so we didn’t bock.

Q: Is Dennis for hire? A: Not for plumbing, sorry.





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  1. Wheelingit Avatar

    Very nice installation…nicely done. Sure you can’t be bought with wine?

    1. JJ Avatar

      Uhm, we can always be bought with wine. The toilet might be a bit crooked though? 😉

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