Rolling With The Tides in Cedar Key, Florida

This little spot on the Gulf Coast of central Florida is the longest camp location we’ve stayed in yet. A much-needed slowdown was in order, and based on a few recommendations it sounded like just the spot to park our roving wobbly for a bit.

A fish camp to most, a quiet getaway spot to others, Cedar Key is a place where folks from all over come to relax.

Don’t let the population of under 900 fool you, this little town leaves a big impression. The two square mile island snubs chain restaurants and offers you local bites like Tony’s Clam Chowder. A “3x World Champion” at the Newport, Rhode Island Chowder Festival.

You can wrap your lips around a spoon full of this creamy concoction while sitting among the second largest producers of farm raised clams in America.

We split our stay between Sunset Isle RV Park and The Low Key Hideaway trying to get the best of both worlds; price and location. There were actually no bad sites to be had.

Cedar Key seems to live by the highs and lows of the tides. The town gets sleepy soon after the nightly grand view of the setting sun, and only wakes early when the tide itself makes an early appearance.

Our experience was really formed by the mellow days, the slow tides, the sunsets, and most of all, the people; our friends old and new.

So, if you go to discover an off the beaten path little town, you’ll find it.

If you go for the fishin’ you’ll find there will be plenty biting.

And if you go for a good time… you’ll find that, too.

Hint: Start at the Tiki Bar. It’s just outside the downtown area, and only open from around sunset ’till ’bout 9.  Pull up a chair to the bar and ask Pat for a bottle of “truth serum,” you’ll be glad you did!

We’re stoked to have shared these fun times with our friends from the road. Check out their blog posts about Cedar Key.

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5 responses to “Rolling With The Tides in Cedar Key, Florida”

  1. Debby Avatar

    Memorable, that’s what it was…can’t wait to do it all over again!!

  2. Rob Avatar

    The lady on the right has a pretty sweet fish. Was recently in Florida again, quite like it there. Thanks for the shout out under rtw blogs and safe travels.

    1. JJ Avatar

      Yeah, that was Moe our neighbor at the campground. They shared their fish with us a few times, she was quite the fisher-lady.
      Florida is nice, the Gulf side of things was super laid back, did you find that too? Safe travels to you and if our paths ever cross, holla!

  3. Cherie @Technomadia Avatar

    We had such a fabulous time hanging with y’all in Cedar Key. *cheers* to many more future rendezvouses in amazing places!

    1. JJ Avatar

      It was great to finally catch up in person. See y’all on the interwebs… and maybe again face to face real soon!

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