SXSW “On the Move with the Working Nomad” & CEO of Evernote

Hey, fellow working nomads, what do you have going on this MONDAY March 12?  How does checking in at SXSW in Austin, Texas sound?

You’ve Been Invited to an Interactive SXSW Conference:

  • “Up in the Air: On the Move with the Working Nomad.”
  • Co-hosted by Evernote CEO Phil Libin.
  • Monday, March 12th at 10a-2p (Central Time Zone)

So, You’re Sitting on a Beach Somewhere and Can’t Be in SXSW in Austin on Monday?

Maybe You’re Already In Austin at SXSW?

  • You can RSVP to Jordan Wiggins of Social People Mobile: 323 309-5400
More Details:

PGi Presents: #shiftSXSW Powered by iMeet
Frost Bank Tower
401 Congress Avenue, Suite 3300
Austin, TX 78701

Jordan also included this tid bit:
“According to Forrester Research, 66% of information workers in the US and Europe already work remotely. Evernote CEO Phil Libin, PGi Digital Nomad Cora Rodenbusch and corporate green strategist Lewis Perkins discuss the implications of that trend and tools that have emerged as a result of this shift. Featured panelists will share personal experiences, successes, failures, lessons learned and where they believe the future is heading. Attendees will participate in an open dialogue about working remotely, unconventional workspaces, business travel, and corporate sustainability.”

This means they’re interested in what we’re doing… and they’d love for YOU to participate.

Tell Us, We Want To Know What You Think!

Are you going to attend this event?

Have you been to SXSW?

What do you think about Working Remotely?

Will we see you on Monday via iMeet?





One response to “SXSW “On the Move with the Working Nomad” & CEO of Evernote”

  1. Debby Avatar

    thinking of joining this, guess they’re running late – are you going to join in??

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