Guess the Ingredients

Are You A Legit Southern Foodie?

Flex that tasting tongue muscle by listing your answers for the mystery ingredients #1-#6. Oh and don’t forget to tell us what we’re havin’ to eat here!

HINT: It’s a Louisiana tradition!


The first reply posted below with all six ingredients correct and the meal title wins. Make sure your email is correct so we can get a hold of you, you smart cookie you.


A  southern-style gift, straight from a real southern thrift store. A souvenir picked out especially for you, from us. That’s like an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream on your pecan pie! Whoooiee.

 Updated 3/10/12:

Here’s the Super Souvenir that Kristy Won!

We found the most amazing little “Smoky Mountains” vintage snow globe at a Florida panhandle Thrift Store. What a gem! Then, just to ice the cake, we picked up a wooded “Weeki Wachee Mermaid” postcard after seeing the show. Congratulations Kristy, your goodies are well deserved.

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8 responses to “Guess the Ingredients”

  1. 1.) Potatoes
    2.) Shrimp
    3.) Corn
    4.) Peppercorns
    5.) Onion
    6.) Garlic

    ******SHRIMP BOIL*******

  2. 1 potatoes
    2 shrimp
    3 corn
    4 peppercorns
    5 onion
    6 garlic

    potato shrimp chowder? sounds pretty yummy…even if I’m wrong!!

  3. Item #1 – potatoes
    Item #2 – shrimp
    Item #3 – Egg
    Item #4 – Capers
    Item #5 – Onion
    Item #6 – Garlic

    Shrimp Potato Cakes?

    What ever it is, hope it was yummy!!

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