Last Year On Earth Guide

Livin’ Every Year Like It’s The Last

Whether you’re stocking up on canned goods or choosing to abide by another datebook, the countdown to the last days of the Mayan calendar has begun. So we’ve put together a 2-part, “Last Year On Earth Guide” for surviving and living this year, like it’s the last.

PART 1: Mobilize

Flexibility is key. We suggest selling off all your worldly possessions (before they’re rendered useless anyway) and buying a fully self-contained house on wheels. Think Mad Max in Road Warrior, but with fresh water storage, a full bath, kitchen, heat, AC, and a generator. In the Cheddar Yeti, we also have room for a cat, a small garden, and plenty of cold beer on hand, at all times. We’ve found this method of living is exceptionally apocalypse-ready.

So, what do we do with our lives, We leave only a mark
Will our story shine like a light Or end in the dark
Give it all or nothing – Tina Turner, Thunderdome

Part 2: Invest in Yourself (For use with or without Part 1)

Use doomsday as an excuse to GO, SEE, and DO what you’ve always dreamed of. Toss out those resolutions that seem like chores, the ones that require you to quit something. Those can wait ‘till next year – if next year even arrives, that is. You’ll want that extra body weight if the food supply is threatened, and cigarettes are great currency, right?

Instead, focus on places, activities, and adventures you want to have and do. This is a win-win situation.





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