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Truck Stop Gift Guide

You’ve just stumbled upon a procrastinator’s gift giving paradise. Christmas Eve will never be the same again.

This year, forget the snooty salespeople at the mall, the bullying superstores crowds, or timing your online orders just right. This year, shop at a 24 hour Truck Stop.

Truck Stops serve up stylish tees, tons of tech gadgets, appliances, tools, dolls, toys, movies, and more. From the Hipster to the fitness guru and from Grandpa to little Suzy,  your gift giving machismo is now dialed in, and not a day too early.

We’ve patronized our share of Truck Stops, we’ve stayed over, got coffee, and shopped for appliances. Sometimes we browse the isles over morning coffee, pouring over all the tech gadgets, DVDs, and fresh doughnuts.

In this list, we’ve cobbled together a few common recipient stereotypes, then combined them with unique, thoughtful, and completely awesome treasures. All of which can be found randomly at over 10,000 road-side stores, nationwide.

Go ahead, give it a gander. We think we’ve uncovered a lil’ gem here, don’t you?

The Gadget Geek

The Foodie

The Hipster

The Fitness Guru

The Survivalist

The Rug Rat

The Sports Fan

The “Don” or The “G”

The Hoarder

To our U.K. and Aussie friends; when we say Truck Stop in the States, think of your Transport Cafés and Roadhouses, only with a hodgepodge of trinkets, goodies and gadgets. Beyond hot grub and petro, this adaptation to the road service center is unmistakably American.

Find a Truck Stop in the U.S.

Travel Centers of America

Love’s Travel Stops

Pilot Flying J

Petro Truck Stops





2 responses to “Truck Stop Gift Guide”

  1. Keith Seymour Avatar

    I’ve always been shocked at the things you find for sale (and the prices) in our truck stop visits. I hadn’t considered their last-minute-gift status, leave it to you guys to uncover that!

    1. JJ Avatar

      It’s amazing what these truck stops stock… I mean, it’s a mini mall of obscure stuff and processed foods. Which make perfect gifts!!

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