We Live in a Motorhome

Life in a Motorhome is pretty much like life in a regular house, only it has wheels. Watch our video for a glimpse into our daily life on the road aboard the Cheddar Yeti.

This was filmed aboard Cheddar Yeti One, the 1988 Lazy Daze, our first home on wheels.






4 responses to “We Live in a Motorhome”

  1. Russell Peters Avatar

    I am living in my RV too not by choice am in Mn moving to nashville i hope. there i want to stay i have no one i am alone no pets if you knew my strory well if you had the time i will say this i was born with a talent love to try and show it.

  2. Deena Avatar

    I Love It you guys allways make me smile love you have a happy holidays!
    Hawie sounds great!

  3. JJ Avatar

    I just noticed that we forgot the shower scene!

    1. Intrepidwoman Avatar

      That’s certainly okay by me!
      Love what you are doing and I admire your guts for doing it. Keep us updated on what’s happening! If I can’t do the same thing, at least I can live vicariously thru you. 🙂

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