The Oregon Vortex. A Real Jedi Experience.


John R. asks: “Go to the Oregon Vortex and the House of Mystery let me know if it’s real!”

What & Where:

A strange and unique geological phenomenon called a Vortex, or a magnetic anomaly. On this Vortex sits a house called the House of Mystery. You can find the Oregon Vortex and the House of Mystery in Oak Hill, Oregon.

Our Take:

John, we believe that this Vortex is a mind bending, Jedi-force-like, illusion. One that even Obi Wan would have to seek the Jedi council to explain.

At this mystical energy field, two people can stand on opposite ends of a level surface, then upon switching sides, the same two people appear to change height. No magic mirrors or trickery here, just plum nuts-o. It appears to be some sort of mysteriously-odd, light bending optical illusion. Ummm. What?

“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” – Obi Wan

Here you’ll have to let go of your conscious self, ’cause balls roll slower on steep slopes and faster on gradual slopes. A plum line appears to be pulled by a dark force and a balanced broom stands sharply at an angle all by itself.

Yes, the wacky things we experienced here made us question the basic rules of physics, and maybe spacetime relativity itself. Even if we knew what that meant, we couldn’t start to unravel this orb of mystical belly button lint. The whole head-scratching thing may be a quantum physicists’ paradise or a mere Houdini-esque illusion?

Still, and with Yoda-like meditation, we balanced the broom in the tilted house with the skill of a Jedi. Yet, as wee Padawans, we know, much to learn here, we have.

WARNING! We did use photoshop for some elements, keen eyes will catch those additions. However we did not use any trick photography! Also, if we’d have stood up straight and not been acting like wannabe-jedi, we’d have illustrated this mystery a bit better. See the photos at for better examples!

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  1. Tin Can Tow Trucks Avatar

    This sounds way interesting, have just added it to our Bucket List;-)

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