Year II: Bigger, in a Small Moment Kinda Way

CITIES: Dulzura, San Diego, Murrieta, Hesperia, Atwater, Orangevale, Lakehead, Castella
STATE: California
SEASON: Spring

Hosts: Dad, Rhonda & Bryan, Uncle Scott & Aunt Sandy, Greg & Lynette, Kristen & Bill, Mom & Charlie.

With our fuel injected 7.5 liter, V-8 aluminum can on wheels, we pointed North toward Shasta. We left our winter camp in San Diego hoping for another great year on the road.

In our growing list of amazing experiences, we can thank our house on wheels for the opportunity go beyond a space number. We continually enjoy curb-side camping with friends and family. They make the best neighbors and usually the best BBQ, Tacos, and entertainment.

On the Monday before we left, our very dear friend Ruth needed us more than ever. We slept outside her door for a week. A time that we’ll cherish forever.  She taught that the rhythm of life is the most beautiful journey we will ever experience.

Taking with us a peaceful sensitivity to the small seconds in life, we rolled on. The times between the big destinations and those whom we spend them with are magnified. This year will be different, bigger in a small moment kinda way.

We’re now staying at the Elvis Meditation Gardens and Gracelynn II, where we’ll relax for a few before heading towards the Northwest Coast.

Local Grub:

Jamul: We’ll miss… THE GREEK SOMBRERO

Bravo Farms off Rt. 99 in Central California for the BEST CHEDDAR in the West, or so they say. Damn good brisket, too.

Atwater: Granny’s Pantry for Breakfast… Thanks Greg!

Lakehead: Our ol’ favorites… The Klondike Club for Dinner and Entertainment and Camp Shasta Coffee Co. for Lunch and WiFi!

Castella: Burritos and Micro-brews at a mini mart called Ammirati’s Market… found this “must try” on a Geocacash run.

Local RV Facilities:

The Yeti received a pre-road check up before heading out. We must be gettin’ well oiled because we had absolutely no need for facilities on our trip up to Shasta.





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  1. Rich Greene Avatar

    I like the shaving out the window pic…lol

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