Our Favorite Wood Chuck on Handy Motorhome Cabinet Upgrades.

When you live in less than 150 square feet there is always need for more efficient storage spaces. So, we’ve happily turned some awkward holes into usable spaces. Of course, with the help from a wood-whittling, precision-craft, guy-tech, lumber engineer named Charlie Lopez.

The Yeti was built to sleep five… what? Crazy we know. So, we’ve opted to remove the over head bunk and add railing for storage. Then, we tossed that dual core, radiation, hot box called a microwave, out. It was original and huge. In it’s place we created a cupboard.

Finally, we had a spot in the bathroom that needed TLC. The T.P. roller was enjoying a large open space while we crammed our bath needs in the one over head compartment. This just had to stop, sorry Charmin.

CLICK on each image for a more detailed description of that area.

Check out our pictures and let us know if you have questions… we’ll pass the hard stuff on to Charlie!

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