How to put New England in a Cereal Bowl and Eat it.

New England in the fall is possibility one of the most amazing bowls of scrumptious fruity pebbles you could wrap your lips around.

Delightful in their colors of orange, red, yellow and green. Each one turning, drifting and fading in their own time. Melting one by one in a serendipitous spectrum of Flintstone delight.

Whether you’re the King of Cereal or you wouldn’t be caught dead eating the kiddy crunchies, just don’t underestimate the grandeur.

They’ll be soggy before you know it. The colors mix and the once scrumptious spectrum of flavor is a mere grayish milk puddle.  You slurp, you put your coat on and go to work.  Gone are the pebbles of fall, lost in the wake. Go on now, eat up before they’re all gone.

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One response to “How to put New England in a Cereal Bowl and Eat it.”

  1. lynnedancr Avatar

    more colors than crayola!!

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