Friends of the Cheddar Yeti: Mom & Charlie Lopez

CITY: Lakehead

STATE: California

SEASON: Spring

HOSTS: Mom and Charlie Lopez

Hands down, one of the most rockin’ stops on our route. Of course it’s easy to be biased because, here resides my  Mom and my hometown of Lakehead. There are not enough thank you’s to go around here… from hospitality, which started with a custom sign in our parking space, to the good times around the lake and all of the, much appreciated, help with the Yeti. We are overflowing with fortune and happiness, not to mention radiator fluid!

Yeti Upgrades:

  1. New, above the stove, cabinet. In place of the unused microwave.
  2. Over the cab, railing for storage. Instead of the bunk bed.
  3. Spray Painted, Polished up steps with grips.
  4. Fleece Curtain for warmth and privacy (we removed the old curtains in the upper and lower cab).
  5. New kitchen and bath faucets.
  6. … plus, tons of lil’ replacements, tweaks, and fluid fill ups!

Our friend Charlie Lopez is a master carpenter and we heart is dedication to making us look good! Then, my ever talented mom is a great decorator and seamstress… together we made magic happen for our 22 year old house on wheels!

Viewing Highlights:

1. Shasta Lake was full to the top. Setting an over 30 year recorded high! A visit to Shasta Dam was in order and breathtaking.

2. Local in Lakehead. The best spot to enjoy the lake is at the entry point of the Sacremento River in little, friendly, Lakehead, CA. We were able to go out on a few beautiful patio boat cruises up to a secret meadow (see main photo) and some hidden waterfalls near the train bridge. These are rare sights because when the lake is at it’s usual levels (low!), these areas are not accessible from the water.

3. The Redding Rodeo!

4. Neon Sign Photos I took from around Redding, CA.

Local Grub:

Klub Klondike. When you’re in Lakehead nothing trumps the Klub Klondike. We’re big fans of the BBQ and of Taco Tuesday (where you’ll meet all the locals!).  It’s also worth noting that entertainment is country fabulous and totally worth tweeting about!

The Riverview. Go here for Brunch, and order the taco sampler. I love the jerk tacos!! Wow.  It has an impressive setting on the Sacramento River in Anderson, too. We became familiar with this hidden gem because it’s Charlie and his sons place. Then, in exchange for unlimited tacos we helped them with their Riverview4Weddings website.

Camp Shasta. On the main street and just a bike ride away from our camp to boot. They serve camp style, comfort food and have free WIFI! We are a match made in hot dog heaven.

Local RV Facilities: Beyond backyard camping…

Local Dumps: Lakehead Campground on Pine Street and Lakeshore Drive.

Great RV repair shop in Redding: We needed a new heater core and these guys had treated us right in the past.

The Auto Clinic
9452 C Deschutes Rd
Palo Cedro CA 96073





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