Spiffy, Spray Painted Steps that Don’t Slide.

The before and afters say it all. A bit o-spray paint and some grip tape made our faded, slippery steps spiffy once again.

Here’s how it was done:

  1. You’ll need a handy dandy friend with an electric scraper tool. (He says he got it at Harbor freight). Saved our butts!
  2. Find a matching color spray paint. We used brown because it’s the color of dirt. Thinking ahead here.
  3. Tape some funnies around so you don’t have over spray.
  4. Stand back to avoid drips. Try to avoid windy days. Bugs will fly into your paint. Apply two coats.
  5. Measure and cut grip tape strips. We needed wider strips but couldn’t find them, so, we used a double line. Stylish, um?
  6. And like that, we look pretty spiffy! You should try it too.

Next up, our bumper and maybe my bike fenders too?

It’s a beautiful world and we cover it with spray paint.

PS Hey, we’re not the only ones either. Check out this article on painting your whole car with Spray paint!


3 responses to “Spiffy, Spray Painted Steps that Don’t Slide.”

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  2. lynnedancr Avatar

    wow what a sight to see, the metal house that pomona built!!
    “home on the road” ya’ll come back now hear!!

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