Friends of the Cheddar Yeti: Kristen, Allison & Bill

CITY: Orangevale
STATE: California
SEASON: Spring

Hosts: Kristen, Bill and Allison

We’d like to thank our Hosts Kristen, Bill and my, Fraggle Rock-loving, compadre, Allison. The catalog of high school photos was only trumped by a visit from high school BFF, Jen and new friend Jen. A much needed credit goes out to JenJen for coining the term “Yeti Willing” which we use daily now.
Then, for those of you who think a picture of “Dogs playing cards” was cute enough to hang on your wall, you might want to meet “Chester” the card counting cat. After several games of Openshaw, Chester and card pal Kristen seemed to have beat the pants off of us. Additionally, we’d like to thank Kristen and Bill for the best movie, and book exchange yet!

Local Grub:

Eating in / Wild Bill’s Pirate Tacos .

Local RV Facilities:

RV friendly Midas Muffler

This location has PLENTY of space to lift an RV. As fellow road dogs they also had tips for the road,  plenty of good advice for motoring and a family-friendly spirit. We hit the road with our new muffler and remain happy customers.  A great place all the way around.

Phone: 916-419-6366

Address: 1020 Del Paso Road, Ste 200, Sacramento, CA





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