Dulzura. Camp Jackson Oasis

As of March 28th we have officially moved into our 1988 Class C “Lazy Daze” Motorhome, lovingly named  “Cheddar Yeti”. To get some visit time in with family, work a bit on the motorhome and on regular work (yes, we still have jobs!) we’re staying in S.E. San Diego (Dulzura) for a bit before hitting the open road.

The desert in the early spring time is amazing, especially this year because of the buckets of rain drops sent down from the generous sky clouds. At night you can see every last star in the sky, except when the moon is full and shining like a border patrol spotlight on the Tecate (Mexico) Mountains. Oh and then the sunrise in the morning, it is most spectacular with all of it’s grandma-quilt, colors. Ummm, we’ll be back!

Special thanks to Dad and Deena for spoiling us rotten and letting us use the garage for the Yeti Nip and Tuck session.






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