Urban Camping: New York City

There are many forms of Urban Camping, from sleeping curbside to stuffing six of your closest friends in a single hotel room.  However, we’re talking about checking out the city while motoring around in a house on wheels.  We’re driving a 27′ long Class C Motorhome and we do NOT have tow car, just two bikes. Our limitations take us to great places and often have us biking at night or getting lost on a subway system.

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How to put New England in a Cereal Bowl and Eat it.

New England in the fall is possibility one of the most amazing bowls of scrumptious fruity pebbles you could wrap your lips around.

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Camping in Yosemite, CA

Yosemite virgins no more. We were bursting with delight over the breathtaking scenery and good fortune that had bestowed upon us. Bears fueled the anticipation of wilderness life. Our bikes carried us around the “preservation” well into the starry evenings. Even Cheddar Yeti was breathless, literally.

But, I believe that when you’re in a pickle, the best things are just about to happen.

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Eating Out in L.A.

When you’re camping on the streets of Los Angeles, pulling out the charcoal grill isn’t in the cards. So, besides seeing the sights; Hollywood, Venice Beach, Griffith Park and the likes... fascinating food and drink are the top of my itinerary.

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San Elijo State Beach, Encinitas, CA

Leaving San Diego we stopped for one night at San Elijo State beach in North County between Del Mar and Encinitas. The sky opened up for the previous days of rain, the sunset glowed upon the Yeti bumper and friends graced us with goodbyes and beers. Cheers!

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