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  • Getting to Maui on Four Wheels

    Getting to Maui on Four Wheels

    Strap Some Wings On This Thing – We’re Headed to Paradise. Check it out. We got to Maui on four wheels by trading our hard earned road mileage for some much needed air mileage. We’ll share this and other tips that made this tropical island trip possible for two self-employed, motorhome-dwelling, road ramblers.

  • Camping in Yosemite, CA

    Yosemite virgins no more. We were bursting with delight over the breathtaking scenery and good fortune that had bestowed upon us. Bears fueled the anticipation of wilderness life. Our bikes carried us around the “preservation” well into the starry evenings. Even Cheddar Yeti was breathless, literally. But, I believe that when you’re in a pickle,…