The Evolution Of Our Nomadic Life

Everything Changes.

Think back to 2009, what were you doing then? How much has life changed in 5 years? Go ahead, recount the last five years. Weddings, babies, funerals, new jobs, new homes, new places, new loves, more birthdays…  For us, our ideas about travel, about work, where we call ‘home’ and certainly our ages… *throat clear* our ’maturity’ (Dennis turned 40 in 2014) have all changed.

So in an attempt to reflect on our changes and share our experiences we’ve put together a three part blog post about how our life has developed from the day we started this nomadic life until now.  Below is the first part and it focuses on our evolving travel style, next we’ll be talking about the evolution of our personal life, and last we’ll share about the evolution in our work life.

The Evolution Of Our Nomadic Life: Part 1 of 3
8 Confessions About The Evolution Of Our Personal Nomadic Life: Part 2 of 3
The Evolution Of Our Working Nomadic Life: Part 3 of 3

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