This ain’t Bisquick, Biotches.

So it all started when I picked up a book called “Leave No Crumbs” about cooking while backpacking and eating yummy meals that don’t take up space while away from a conventional kitchen.

To my surprise, Pancakes can be made from the basic ingredients in my cupboard. “Wow, not a box of bisquick?” I was astonished. Dennis was thrilled with the idea of making real pancakes too, so I dove in.

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Camping in Yosemite, CA

Yosemite virgins no more. We were bursting with delight over the breathtaking scenery and good fortune that had bestowed upon us. Bears fueled the anticipation of wilderness life. Our bikes carried us around the “preservation” well into the starry evenings. Even Cheddar Yeti was breathless, literally.

But, I believe that when you’re in a pickle, the best things are just about to happen.

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Friends of the Cheddar Yeti: Chrystal & Corina

CITY: North Hills
STATE: California
SEASON: Spring

Hosts: Chrystal & Corina

Thank you to our generous hosts, Chrystal and Corina. The morning coffee pods and the tour of Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach were super boob-a-licious! Back at home, we loved the garden fresh herbs from the girl’s garden. Then to top it off, the Yeti also received special TLC from Chrystal. She fixed our exhaust fan!  (and then later on a unexpected rendezvous she fixed our gray tank, too.)

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