Friends of the Cheddar Yeti: Chrystal & Corina

CITY: North Hills
STATE: California
SEASON: Spring

Hosts: Chrystal & Corina

Thank you to our generous hosts, Chrystal and Corina. The morning coffee pods and the tour of Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach were super boob-a-licious! Back at home, we loved the garden fresh herbs from the girl’s garden. Then to top it off, the Yeti also received special TLC from Chrystal. She fixed our exhaust fan!  (and then later on a unexpected rendezvous she fixed our gray tank, too.)

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San Elijo State Beach, Encinitas, CA

Leaving San Diego we stopped for one night at San Elijo State beach in North County between Del Mar and Encinitas. The sky opened up for the previous days of rain, the sunset glowed upon the Yeti bumper and friends graced us with goodbyes and beers. Cheers!

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Dulzura. Camp Jackson Oasis

As of March 28th we have officially moved into our 1988 Class C “Lazy Daze” Motorhome, lovingly named  “Cheddar Yeti”. To get some visit time in with family, work a bit on the motorhome and on regular work (yes, we still have jobs!) we’re staying in S.E. San Diego (Dulzura) for a bit before hitting the open road.

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New Vinyl Floors Installation

We are beginners for sure, nope, never done this before. Vinyl directions say “intermediate”, uhm, of course. So, we’re reluctant, yes, a bit. But, as you can see we did it and the results are supa’ fly!

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Draggin’ our Tank Ass All Around Town.

We didn’t know the bottom of our Yeti was made of wood… and starting to rot… until our tank ass was draggin’ all around town.

KaaaaBoom! It fell and began to drag as we drove down the street. From our two front seats we stared at each other with fear, shock and confusion. “What was that?”

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