Nomadic Life & Adventure

  • We Live in a Motorhome

    We Live in a Motorhome

    Life in a Motorhome is pretty much like life in a regular house, only it has wheels. Watch our video for a glimpse into our daily life on the road aboard the Cheddar Yeti.

  • Southern Road Trip: Grits, Gravy & Graceland

    Southern Road Trip: Grits, Gravy & Graceland

    With the goal of eating our way through the South, we packed the car in San Diego and hit the road. Our mission was easy, eat BBQ and visit Graceland. Or as they say down there, “Put a little South in your mouth.” And we did. Originally, we had wanted to travel to Europe but…

  • Urban Camping: Boise, Idaho

    Urban Camping: Boise, Idaho

    Ever been to Boise, Idaho? Hell, ever been to Idaho? If you have, we don’t need to remind you of the towering Sawtooth Mountains or the hardened ooze in the Craters of the Moon valley.

  • Urban Camping: San Francisco “Guerrilla-style”

    Urban Camping: San Francisco “Guerrilla-style”

    If you’re after some cheap San Francisco thrills – consider Guerrilla Camping. It’s risky, sure. It’s dirty indeed, but it’s free. That’s what makes sleeping in our van, our San Francisco lodging of choice. This method of stay is also called Wildcamping or Urban Camping. They all refer to sleeping in your car or conversion…

  • US Northwest by Suggestion

    US Northwest by Suggestion

    We found ourselves adrift on the Pacific Northwest. All of the spots listed below are suggestions from you; our readers, our friends, and our families.