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  • Turd Tank Technology 101.0

    Turd Tank Technology 101.0

    If you’ve ever wondered how to dump a motorhome turd tank, you’ll wait no more. We’re not experts but we are dangerously educated in the art of shit storage and septic tank dumping in our few short months on the road.

  • Spiffy, Spray Painted Steps that Don’t Slide.

    Spiffy, Spray Painted Steps that Don’t Slide.

    The before and afters say it all. A bit o-spray paint and some grip tape made our faded, slippery steps spiffy once again. Here’s how it was done:

  • New Vinyl Floors Installation

    New Vinyl Floors Installation

    We are beginners for sure, nope, never done this before. Vinyl directions say “intermediate”, uhm, of course. So, we’re reluctant, yes, a bit. But, as you can see we did it and the results are supa’ fly!

  • Draggin’ our Tank Ass All Around Town.

    Draggin’ our Tank Ass All Around Town.

    We didn’t know the bottom of our Yeti was made of wood… and starting to rot… until our tank ass was draggin’ all around town. KaaaaBoom! It fell and began to drag as we drove down the street. From our two front seats we stared at each other with fear, shock and confusion. “What was…

  • Replaced Ignition Lock

    Replaced Ignition Lock

    The Symptom: After pulling over to a rest stop off of I-5 in California, the key would not turn to the off, it was stuck in the ignition in the on position. The Solution: We disconnected the air hose to stalled the engine. Then figured out it was the ignition lock and had it replaced.…