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  • Urban Camping: San Francisco “Guerrilla-style”

    Urban Camping: San Francisco “Guerrilla-style”

    If you’re after some cheap San Francisco thrills – consider Guerrilla Camping. It’s risky, sure. It’s dirty indeed, but it’s free. That’s what makes sleeping in our van, our San Francisco lodging of choice. This method of stay is also called Wildcamping or Urban Camping. They all refer to sleeping in your car or conversion…

  • US Northwest by Suggestion

    US Northwest by Suggestion

    We found ourselves adrift on the Pacific Northwest. All of the spots listed below are suggestions from you; our readers, our friends, and our families.

  • The Oregon Vortex. A Real Jedi Experience.

    The Oregon Vortex. A Real Jedi Experience.

    Quest: John R. asks: “Go to the Oregon Vortex and the House of Mystery let me know if it’s real!” What & Where: A strange and unique geological phenomenon called a Vortex, or a magnetic anomaly. On this Vortex sits a house called the House of Mystery. You can find the Oregon Vortex and the…

  • 2010 Dash Cam Video

    2010 Dash Cam Video

    Take a ride all around America on the dash of the Cheddar Yeti. From Southern California into Yosemite and up through Yellowstone National Park. Across the plains and into Chicago. All over New England and into Washington DC. Straight across the South into Georgia, Louisiana and Texas then back towards California on the desert roads…

  • Vegas Casino Chip Challenge

    Vegas Casino Chip Challenge

    Challenge: 1 day, 79 Casinos, 158 Casino Chips. Sweatband, running shoes and a pocket full of one dollar bills… Vegas or bust. We found 79 listed casinos in Las Vegas (On the Strip, Downtown, Near the Strip, and the outside the City limits). Our challenge was to get 2 one dollar casino chips from each…