Southern Road Trip: Grits, Gravy & Graceland

With the goal of eating our way through the South, we packed the car in San Diego and hit the road. Our mission was easy, eat BBQ and visit Graceland. Or as they say down there, “Put a little South in your mouth.” And we did.

Originally, we had wanted to travel to Europe but our budget wouldn’t let us. Although, what we didn’t realize was that our whim decision to take a road trip across the USA would change our lives forever.

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2010 Dash Cam Video

Take a ride all around America on the dash of the Cheddar Yeti. From Southern California into Yosemite and up through Yellowstone National Park. Across the plains and into Chicago. All over New England and into Washington DC. Straight across the South into Georgia, Louisiana and Texas then back towards California on the desert roads of the Southwest states. A complete circle, caught on film. This is your inspiration for a road trip in five short minutes. Enjoy!