8 Confessions About The Evolution Of Our Personal Nomadic Life

An occasional self reflection is good and sharing these reflections is even better. So, we’ve created a little confession list below to allow you, or friends and family, to peer into our nomadic life as it looks today.
You’re probably hoping to find out a few of our dirty little secrets or maybe you’re hoping we’ve discovered the meaning of life itself. Yup, you nailed it. We have, so read on.


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#1: We identify as bi.

Coastal. We still consider ourselves nomadic, absolutely. Although our current plans might be better described as bi-coastal.

My sweatshirt made by sister Jeanna sums it up, “California, Rhode Island.”


#2 Our joke has materialized.

When we made the decision not to travel in the bus, a huge weight was lifted… and thus parked. Now we have a “mini-apartment” as we like to call it. But the real truth is that we’re simply living in a parked bus for now. And this is exactly what we made light of in our 2003 Christmas card long before we ever thought of buying an RV.


#3 We’re T.V. junkies.

Ohh… entertainment without limits. Hardwired internet means we can over indulge in our YouTube addiction. We’re also subscribed to HBO, have Amazon Prime, an Apple TV, and a Chromecast now. All powered by an unlimited DLS connection. 10 years ago we were in the camp of, “Kill your TV set,” today… we’re in recovery. Hey, don’t judge.


#4 Let’s talk about… “us time.”

Yes, we mean sex. Hey, our mothers and grandmothers read our blog. So, it’s no secret we’re love birds. However, since we’ve slowed down in our travels, our “us time” is pure thumbs up. We have more idle time together now. We have days where we can spend time just relaxing, or talking, or not talking, or talking about not talking. The change of pace feels new. New is good.


#5 We’re working on some quality reps.

It seems routines aka ‘reps’ are productive little things. Hey, proof is in the pudding. If gym reps can give Marky Mark an acting career and daily bar visits landed Norm Peterson the best support group in Boston … then a few routines might be just what we need. “POW!”


#6 We are social exercisers.

A lack of exercise is a big problem for us. We haven’t stuck to an exercise routine– ever. Don’t let us tell you that a lack of time has anything to do with it either. A lack of interest however, does. Simple as that. So, we took a look back at when we’ve had the largest spurts of regular exercise and realized one thing. We are social exercisers. Dennis loves to skateboard but he only actually skates with friends and never alone. Justin AKA Sgt. Slaughter, drives this conclusion home every time we visit RI. Exercising alone is boring. Here’s an idea, let’s put barbells in a bar– Marky Mark, meet Norm.


#7 We’re closet health nuts.

Ok, we gotta admit that indeed we eat all the local, fatty, over sauced foods we run across while on the road. We just can’t resist. And when visiting family, we use the joyous occasion as an excuse to indulge in goodies (our moms makes the best cookies!) and pure celebration-style food fests. But, when nobody is looking, we eat salads, veggie tacos, and the likes.


#8 Our family time isn’t just for vacations anymore.

We want to be a part of our families lives, not just there on vacation. Our wacky, quirky family is the sum of ourselves. And, quite frankly, life is about family. Psst… that is the meaning of life.
Of course having family spread out between opposite coasts makes being everywhere all the time, somewhat impossible. So, spending as much time as we can near each of them is the reason we will stay nomadic, or well… bi-coastal.

The freedom that comes with living nomadically allows us to create new ideas, to reevaluate our norms, and act on our curiosities. Like we’re doing now. It’s all a work in progress.

Hope you enjoyed our confessions, please share some of yours or leave us a comment.





7 responses to “8 Confessions About The Evolution Of Our Personal Nomadic Life”

  1. Don L Avatar

    It’s awesome that so many people like yourselves are finding out that you can be happy and have a fulfilling life without having a 9 to 5, 2.5 kids and a 30 year mortgage that sucks the life out of you. Love the blog and keep ’em coming!

  2. Cherie Avatar

    RVer. Nomad. Bi-Coastal. Mobile.

    Just labels.

    You’re living life on your terms, and that’s the key 🙂

    However, it has been way too long since our coastal positioning has aligned together.

    1. JJ Avatar

      So true! Oh and we’ll be easier to find now– 😉

  3. Haskell Avatar

    Yea wife and I have been trying to live the RV lifestyle. But between money issues and stuff not working out. WE are now fulltime “hotel”
    living. Not saying I am enjoying it. But do enjoy the freedom for jobs. I am a computer professional and avg 6months to a year on a gig.
    So even though I have followed and related to a bunch of RV’ers. I have never took the plunge 🙁
    Thinking of getting a cheap rv. and parking it around some places.
    Have you guys ever did much full time hotel’ing?

    1. JJ Avatar

      Hi Haskell! Yeah, we’ve tried a bunch of nomadic living styles… Van camping is our favorite but really not for more then a week at a time so we mixed hotels in between. Not as a permeant solution though. We’ve been mostly in a RV for the last six years. Lately, not driving it is much is helping us enjoy other aspects of nomadic life… Good luck out there. We always remind ourselves that the freedom to choose is all that counts!

  4. Jen and Tony Avatar
    Jen and Tony

    We really miss you guy so! What a great and amazing life you have pushing the journey of great adventures! Never stop livin the dream!! Tony and Jen

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