An Interview with RV Life Magazine. Our Story, “The Simple Life.”

Step inside ’cause it’s cozy in here and we can’t wait to show off our good lookin’ old bus and tell you our story.

Even though we were in the warm January desert, surrounded by the open Anza Borrego landscape, our eighty square foot living room ended up being the ideal spot for our story to unwind. Rene Agredano, writer for RV Life Magazine and half of the Live Work Dream Team, stepped into our old bus and this is what she discovered about us.

Once we started chatting our story just spilled out. We couldn’t have told it better ourselves; how we ended up here and why two former cubicle dwellers are now living in an old bus!

“I was one of those scared-of-change people,” he explains. Dennis likes routine and in his previous life, the daily ritual of going to work was comforting to him.

We’re thrilled with your interest in our alternative way of life. We’re happy to share with you the joy and happiness that choosing a different path has granted us.

Read our interview in RV Life Magazine “The Simple Life.”

Oh, and watch for our smiling faces in the print version of RV Life magazine, too!

Written beautifully by Rene Agredano of





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  1. Orville Mason Avatar
    Orville Mason

    Could you send me the infor you have on the musical
    Horns on your 78 bird, we just got one, and I would
    Like to fix those horns, thank you

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